Figuring Out What To Invest

Hi guys. How are you? I have news. I got a part-time job. It’s an admin job and working 4 hours per day from home. I was a little overwhelmed at first because I been calling a lot of people it was crazy but I guess now, I’m adjusted. I’ll just focus on saving up my salary for my future because I did not save up for this whole thing that’s happening in front of me way back in college. Since I have a home based job,  what can I do to meet new friends? Any ideas, I dont have any friends around my area. Right now, I’m still working on my driver’s license and taking the exam on Tuesday. I hope I’ll ace it as well as the behind the wheel exam so that the only thing I’m lacking is having my own car.

I am a little frustrated how fast is gonna be until the exam. I got to think of it, it’s just 5-6 months until the exam. Damn. I hope everything goes well. I just requested my board exam requirements last week so I got to update on the school this August. It’s making me crazy thinking of the exams. TOEFL, jurisdiction Exam & the great NPTE exam is my whole life right there, waiting for me.

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make.” that was the quote that was written note in my fortune cookie. I wish you guys the best and follow your dreams.



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