Facilitate New Life

This week is life changing. I’ve been wishing to change my habit a long time ago.  In high school, I would engage in sports like soccer/ badminton and I was into running since I joined the some fun run couple of times. Since I was a freshmen in college being healthy was always my problem because I didn’t have time for those because I was so stressed catching up with everything. Luckily, now that I’m not in school, my sibling wanted to have meal preparations so that all of us would be healthy and lose some weight. The diet was basically high in fiber and our meals was portioned. At first I wasn’t into it because I don’t eat much vegetables but as days passed by, it was not bad as I expected. Here’s the thing, my brother-in-law lost 10 pounds a month with this diet plan & exercise I also wanted to be fit so I am excited about the results after weeks. Exercise is a challenge to me because I just can run 20 mins on the treadmill but I have to discipline myself to do it for my body to reward me.

Happy moment this week:

  • Tadahhhh! I passed my DMV written exam, I will schedule the behind the wheel test whenever I am ready. I drove maybe 6-8 miles from our place for the first time & I think I’m good just have to remember to be cautious when changing lanes and always watch for signs ahead of you.
  • Two of my friends called me which was a good talk because I didn’t have time to video chat them since I moved here a month ago. We mostly talked about korean products and how was it effective. You guys have to try the 10 steps korean skin care routine. In just 10 weeks, you’ll see results. Your face will be  hydrated and look brighter.
  • I watched a video of Carl Guevara, he’s a band member of The Juans who gave a reaction video about courting someone he said there that you need to get to know someone first and not to DTR (define the relationship) right away & to be able to say to your partner, “I waited for you, I became the best person I can be because I know the right time will come that I will meet you & here’s my heart completely for you.” I am pretty much of a hopeless romantic because I guard my heart too much & haven’t been involved in a serious relationship. I had but we didn’t DTR so it wasn’t included.
  • Started calligraphy again, it was an outlet for me to relax, there was always been an artist in me since I was a kid.

Now, I will prepare myself to focus on what life has to offer and I’ll have my planner soon inspired by the passion planner which I learned 2 years ago. it pretty much give you motivation in life as well as track you achievements.


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