TATBILB: Julio, My First Heartbeak

I can still remember when and where I met you. It was in our school canteen. His sense of humor was one of a kind. I was a shy girl and you would joke around while walking through the corridor. We became close without me noticing it until friends of mine making jokes about me having a boyfriend, I was in an all girls class back then. You being at the honor’s class and me, with my grades barely hanging would always cheer me up and motivate me to do better next time. Dismissal time was kind of our time waiting for our parents to fetch us up, we’d do crazy things kids do. In high school, I remembered, we had a petty fight over something I couldn’t remember. We didn’t speak for weeks but ended up having our families together on a summer day,  had so much fun and forgot about our fight. I started to like him and my feeling grew even more though we we’re in different college and barely see each other. On Valentine’s day, I asked you out for a date and confessed that I liked you but you said that you can’t reciprocate your feelings. I was being a nice girl, had my heart broken and  very first time I cried for a man. A year has passed, I learned from a friend who was his co-intern that he’s gay. It all made sense, he never did date a girl and recently told me he would never have a girlfriend. It was okay with me even though we never talk about it, although I’m pushing hints on our conversation. Before I left the Philippines, you were there because our families really close. Today, I’m happy to be friends with you and make wonderful memories as we go through our adulthood.

This guy is included in my story because he’s special to me and still exist in my life.
I don’t know how to write this, I also posted this. Let me know which do you prefer?

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