TATBILB: Julio, My First Heartbreak

I met him in middle school

Funny, intelligent & a nice guy

Always supportive and cared for me.

One day in high school,

We had a petty fight

We didn’t talk for a week or so

Spent one summer day together

and forgot what happened

His personality was one of a kind

I liked him since then

My feelings grew even more.

We’ve been friends for 6 years,

Invited him for lunch on valentine’s day

Told him I liked him

and friend zoned me right away.

We faced adulthood and had different paths

Had rumors that he’s gay

Never confirmed it from him

I was cool with it

Made sense he never dated

Would lend a hand if he needed me


Our friendship still the same

It seems like no years have gone by

still that sweet, silly old friend I will always cherish.


This guy is included in my story because he’s special to me and still exist in my life.
I don’t know how to write this, I also posted a short story about him. Let me know which do you prefer.





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