To All The Boys I Loved Before

I am a swift! I love being in love. Although I never had any official relationships before but it doesn’t mean I never fell in love. I thought about those guys I bumped in the past year and I think it would be nice to tell the story or write poems on every guy who got a piece of my heart. Today, I have no romantic relationships, someone to text me goodnight and someone who put a smile on my face every morning. Sharing stories to the world will help me in discovering something, that something is what I don’t know right now but I’ll get that in time. 

What is love? A feeling/ affection to a person. It’s really not hard for me to love someone but I must say I always deny my feelings in every way possible that’s why men think that I’m not interested so they would go away and chase another one. And me being me I’ll find someone I’d be busy with but now, I’m stuck at searching. After reading stories you’ll see why I am afraid to commit. It’s so hard to commit not only to love but to every problem in life. 

Poems, letters and stories that I’ll make would not necessarily me being on dates but just talks about how I felt about this guy. 

I am interested how love has found you? How’d you meet your special someone? How it felt when you knew he’s also into you? 


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